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Das Wiki

Anoduck’s Wiki Repository

This is my online, open, and GitHub powered wiki. Here you will find, all things that are cool.

To Visitors and Guests:

Welcome. If you see a page is incomplete, in horrendous disrepair, or have questions regarding a topic, do not hesitate to inform me. You can reach me in the discussions of my GitHub profile repository. Cheers.


Below is the index for our site. It is painfully, and I do mean painfully maintained by hand. So, I hope you enjoy it.

Font Config Does not support OpenBSD Programming
Oddities File And Disk Recovery Working with datetime and ‘time.time’
General Links Web Development Tools Command Line Tools
Git Wiki Alternative Web Browsers xprofile
Org Mode Emacs vnc-configuration
Public DNS Servers UserAgents for Use Firewall Systems
Shell User Service Managers Color Tools
OpenBSD Art Mounts and /etc/fstab
Linux env-files code Repositories
Unix Osint Jargon
Version Control Zoneminder Make
Coral Desktop Environments Wayland
NeoVim rtl-sdr Pulse Audio
OpenSSL Awesome! OpenBSD VPN
GPSD WifiPumpkin3 Spreadsheets
Virtualization FreeBSD Networking
Hugo unikernel Firefox
ffmpeg bibtex melt
Project Management Plantuml Pipewire


I have begun to run out of room for links in my sidebar. I will need to add some here.


  • Fix the “Posts” page. Which is blank, it should be a list of posts.
  • Turn off default light page style, setup dark page style to constant on.
  • Turn off display of the “Edit” link for Posts.
  • Merge with old vimwiki
  • Merge with old dokuwiki